Welcome to My Commentary on Anterior Hip Replacement

Welcome to Get A-Hip!

by James Loging, MDLeave a Comment

Welcome everyone to Get A-Hip. I created this website as an avenue to reach more people about the benefits of anterior hip replacement. This site’s mission is to present to you the many factors that go into a hip replacement surgery, and explain why I feel that the anterior approach is best for patients.

Over the coming months, I’ll write about my experiences, advantages, equipment, costs and other elements surrounding anterior hip replacement. You’ll hear from patients who give their first hand account of their journey through hip replacement. And if you have something to add, I invite you to leave a comment via Facebook and help further the discussion!

I’m looking forward to engaging with the digital community and letting everyone know that if you are a candidate for a hip replacement, you are a candidate for an anterior hip replacement.

Dr. James Loging is a is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and the first physician to perform anterior hip replacement surgery in South Carolina. To learn more about Dr. Loging or anterior hip replacement, visit DrLoging.com

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