What Is Anterior Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement can be done in one of several three different approaches. There are many benefits of anterior hip replacement, which is why I perform it exclusively. The anterior approach is one where the surgeon operates from the front of the hip and doesn’t have to cut any muscle. By not cutting muscle, this leads to a much quicker recovery for patients compared with the posterior and lateral approaches. And when I say quicker, usually it’s about half that of the other two approaches.

Other Benefits of Anterior Hip Replacement

There are many other advantages to the anterior hip replacement. Live x-ray can be used only during anterior hip replacement, not with either of the other approaches. Using live x-ray allows the surgeon to place the components more accurately and also make more accurate restoration of leg lengths. More accurate component placement usually leads to longer life of the implants. No one wants to have more operations than they absolutely have to, and getting the most longevity out of an implant is very important to both patients and doctors.

Other benefits of anterior hip replacement include a smaller risk of dislocation. If the hip implant dislocates, the patient may need to wear a special brace or worst case, undergo another surgery to correct the positioning. The anterior approach also means less blood loss and less post-operative pain for the patient.

For the reasons stated above, I feel strongly that anterior hip replacement is the best choice for all patients. I encourage anyone with hip pain to investigate all options when it comes to their treatment. Research the doctors in your area and ask questions. Take ownership of your health and feel good about the decisions you and your doctor are making together.

Dr. James Loging is a is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and the first physician to perform anterior hip replacement surgery in South Carolina. To learn more about Dr. Loging or anterior hip replacement, visit DrLoging.com. The content of this page should not be used as a substitute for medical consultation, diagnosis or treatment.